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Can I be a member of The Phidoux clan?

Yes you can as long as you have a Diablo Cd-rom disk and a computer with internet access. All you do is send a e-mail to and we will sign you up for the greatest clan on the net The Phidoux Clan.

What kind of features do I get wit h the phidoux clan?

You get the our new ear storage system. Just give your ears to me (Phidoux) or the_recruiter and we will store them for you untill you want them back. That saves you time, energy, and space.

Do I have to pay you money?

No it is absolutly free. I just enjoy having people coming and going to and from my website. Tell your friends to come use my chat room. The more the merrier. You do not have to be a member to use the chat room.

Why are you so nice to people?

I guess I am just a nice guy.

Wow this is a great webpage

I know but it is just the first one with very few enhancements. Soon our Much Advanced webpage will be available and only clan members will have access to it.

How do I become a clan member?

Just send an e-mail about your Diablo character to and I will take care of the rest. That is all there is to it. Done.

What do you mean you have an ear storage system?

Oh.... Yes..... That..... Don't worry about that ...... we just store your ears for you so you don't take up inventory space carrying them around.

Are you Pk or Pkk?

Well we are not Pk but if a clan member is attacked and/or killed we will go after the perpetrater as a clan to get revenge.

Do you Duel in your clan?

Yes you are free to duel but only if both parties agree to it.

Will you give me the password to phidoux clan member only games?

Yes I will give you the password. It is actually ****** but I will give you the full password when you join the clan.

Is it really that easy?


Can I tell my friends to come here and use your chat room and join your clan?

Yes Definatly. In fact I encourage it.

Do you have a guest book I can sign?

Yes I do search around on my site and you will find it.


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